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Organic Skincare For Your Senses

Celebrating the intelligence of nature, Inflora Botanica offers a line of organic skincare products that innately contain very high levels of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and other important nutrients for nourishing, repairing, and regenerating skin. Connect with the elements of nature with Inflora Botanica

We love to hear your stories! Here are a few notes we've received from customers...

Nicest rosehip seed oil I've used. Most oils at this price point lack the rich scent and color this one has. I've been using rosehip seed oils in general for about 6 years in place of regular anti-aging products. The oils have corrected my hyperpigmentation from sun exposure and plumped up the fine lines that had started to appear around my eyes. I also use it on my body to prevent scaring from cuts and scrapes. I've found it to be much more effective than plain vitamin E oil.

L Chaux

The best oil. Don't try any other. I've wasted money. I love it.


The rosewater mist is fantastic, I've tried expensive brands and this is just as high-quality. The scent is lovely and it's a versatile product. Will definitely repurchase!


I love this oil. I use it on my face, my hands, and my feet. The broken veins on my cheeks are no longer as visible after a month of daily use. There is an odor when you first spray it, but the odor dissipates very soon. I wish rosehip was a sunblock!


A friend gave me a bottle of this because she knows I am constantly trying to find good, natural products for my skin. This stuff is great. It smells AMAZING-I could easily use it as a room spray, but it's too precious for that. instead, i use it when I get out of the tub and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smelling faintly, naturally sweet. I also like that there's only ONE ingredient--the rose water. I have seen other products that claim to be a rosewater mist but have like 7 other ingredients as well. I'm pretty obsessive about knowing exactly what goes on my skin (a lifetime of bad skin will do this to a person), so I love that it's just as simple and natural as it claims.


I should have taken 'before' pictures!! I've been using this on my face for several weeks, from the dry Midwest to the balmy Florida Keys. There was an immediate change in my skin. Lines appear to be diminished and some are no longer visible. (I'm 60.) My lips are dry, and a spot on my lower lip has had a rough patch for over a year. It's now healed! I've just begun to use it on my throat so am anxious to see if it helps there. As the seller mentioned, there is a strong odor to it - earthy/fishy - but it dissipates quickly. This is a pump bottle, and I might rather have a dropper for more control in distribution. I'd recommend this product for part of your skin care routine.


I have been so pleased with Inflora Botanica's customer service and their products! My face seems to be adapting well so far and I have sensitive combination skin, I have kept it away from my chin because it is very acne prone. I originally bought this for my face but the most amazing improvement has been on my hands. I have the worst cracking and dry hands and since I started using this on them I have seen a vast improvement. I would recommend this product to anyone and would only buy it from this retailer on Amazon. Thank you Inflora for your amazing service and follow up!

D. Jones

I had read about rose water prior to my purchasing it but had no idea how much I would love it. I wanted something natural and sensuous to add to my skin routine and what could be better than roses. The fact that INFLORA is organic was a big plus for me. I have used this product for only a week but I can already feel how soft my facial skin is and how much brighter it looks. I spray with the rose water prior to putting on my moisturizer and again after I've applied my make up. I even like to spritz my face again prior to going out in the evening to help revive the way my skin looks. I add a couple of drops of the Rose Oil to my nightly moisturizer before applying it and my skin is so smooth. I love this company and I love these products. You can't over apply rose water and it's wonderful for aging skin.


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Organic skincare from nature

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